Usher + Lady Gaga + Muhammad Ali = My Next Presentation

After successfully completing an online art class last year, one of my self-improvement goals this year is to take an online Master Class. If you’re unfamiliar with Master Class, here’s the gist: That’s right – if you want to improve your tennis game, you can learn from the Queen Serena herself and even upload video of your embarrassing backstroke to get feedback from her, or … Continue reading Usher + Lady Gaga + Muhammad Ali = My Next Presentation

My 2019 Bucket List calendar

It’s been six weeks since I published my 2019 Bucket List and then I proceeded to close my laptop and forget to do any blogging about my new goals. This isn’t to say that I haven’t made any progress (in fact, I’ve made some serious progress on #14 – Write a book) but that I haven’t done the crucial task of creating a calendar. Until tonight. … Continue reading My 2019 Bucket List calendar

The 2019 Bucket List – REVEALED

Last year, my annual bucket list was about infusing more fun into my life. My carefree lifestyle had been lost in the shuffle, and 2018 allowed me to (mostly) figure out how one works multiple jobs and takes care of a high maintenance parent with Alzheimer’s and still live their best life. This year, the pendulum swings back and I’m ready to get down to business. … Continue reading The 2019 Bucket List – REVEALED

#8 – Take three art classes. Check.

As there are only five hours left in 2018, it was really down to the wire on this one. After cranking out my final cycling miles today, I sat down for my final art lesson. Last week I posted about starting a set of classes on on human anatomy and proportions (Art Class #1), which was only about an hour long. Over the weekend (and … Continue reading #8 – Take three art classes. Check.

#19 – Cycle 1913 miles. Check.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that I just cheated. Technically, this very long, arduous goal was to cycle 2000 miles, and *surprise* I only did 1913. But the origination of this goal is important, and while I’m 87 miles away from 2000, it’s still a win. Last year when I was finalizing my 2018 list and finally leaking the details to my husband, … Continue reading #19 – Cycle 1913 miles. Check.