#5 – Catalog Our Record Collection. Check*

I’m certain that when 2021 comes to a close and I’m reflecting on my favorite goals of the year, this one will reign supreme. When I decided to methodically go through our records, I had no idea how time consuming but also interesting (maybe obsessive) the experience would become. I had more of a clean-it-out-Marie-Kondo project in mind, but now you can hand me a … Continue reading #5 – Catalog Our Record Collection. Check*

#7 – Learn how to make chia pudding. Check.

I love a good buffet. But I’ve also been told by many that my buffet choices are laughably wrong. I don’t run for sexy items like fried chicken or ribs or made-to-order belgian waffles — what I really want is a huge iceberg salad, some version of sautéed vegetables, shrimp cocktail, and a bunch of cheese cubes. In Vegas, I’ve noticed that chia pudding is … Continue reading #7 – Learn how to make chia pudding. Check.

My Official 2021 Bucket List

Here we go again. Amidst a worldwide pandemic and a government meltdown, I’m somehow creating a bucket list for 2021. Publishing a “fun times” bucket list right now feels challenging on multiple levels, namely that a lot of people are suffering and I don’t want to diminish the reality of what’s happening out there in the world while I’m mostly just trying to entertain myself. … Continue reading My Official 2021 Bucket List

#1 – Publish a Book: Part Two

Today is THE day. Our book, The EduCoach Survival Guide, is officially published and on-sale via Amazon. Since I already wrote about the writing and self-publishing experience, today I’ll talk more about the actual things YOU can do to help (that’s right, YOU!). Q: I want to buy your book! Where do I go? A: Click the link above, or just search the book title … Continue reading #1 – Publish a Book: Part Two