Let me tell you about my OTHER new job…

Oh come on – you know me. One job is never enough; even two seems a little too manageable. When I was something like nine years old, I vaguely remember my great-grandma telling me, “Everyday you should be making money, even if it’s just a dollar.” And if you know me, you know I’m always figuring my next angle.

Having multiple jobs isn’t a new thing for me. In college, I worked at a call center for General Motors, and while you’d think that being a full-time college student with a job would be enough, it certainly didn’t pay enough. To supplement my income, I collected free promotional posters from the local record store everyday on my way home from class and promptly spent hours selling them on eBay (My roommates can attest that I had posters and shipping supplies cluttering our apartment).  Later, when I got my first teaching job, I still made batches of 100 chocolate chip cookies every Sunday on the side for extra cash.

Over the last few days, I’ve been in Denver for an awesome coaching conference, but tomorrow I fly home early so that I can hop right off the plane, into my car, and teach a night class at Concordia University. Having led some professional development at other universities before, I wasn’t sure what to expect – but so far it’s definitely my jam.

The students show up on time, they do their homework, and they are excited to learn. Of course, give them three years in public education and all of that will be sucked out of them, but for now they are really fun to work with. Beyond the fact that I get to help new teachers learn critical skills for the classroom and blah blah blah, I get to tell bad jokes, show funny Youtube videos, and then end the night with motivational true stories about former students. So far, it’s a great gig.

But as I sit in my hotel room, it’s hard to process that I will be finishing a conference tomorrow morning, hopping on a plane, teaching a night class, and then waking up and going back to my regular day job. This IS how Warren Buffett does things, right?

You see, I’m on a quest. I can’t just sit in a meeting, day after day. I can’t just teach the same lesson, day after day. I can’t just see the same paycheck, month after month.


Despite all the evidence, I’m certain there is something else out there for me; a perfect fit. So I’ll just keep working until I find it – whatever that it may be.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t work EVERYDAY. This weekend I’ll be back on a plane to Vegas, totally un-work-related. If there’s one thing us teachers do, it’s party hard. Ask a teacher, they’ll tell you.Friday-Work-Meme-02

5 Types of Friends Every (WO)MAN Needs

At the end of last year I wrote a post entitled I’d Like to Thank the Academy because I truly couldn’t complete my goals without all the rad friends I have in my life. Having others interested in my list, and offer their expertise or support is like the added bonus. While some of my goals are more individual, others are more interactive in spirit.

I just ran across this article 5 Types of Friends Every Man Needs, and I immediately knew who my five were (yes, let’s get past the fact that I regularly read “The Art of Manliness”). I love this article! It makes perfect sense! So while I can never list all the people who helped me out this year, this narrows it down to one of my proverbial “Top 5” lists.

The Mentor


Being a school counselor, my friend, David, is familiar with giving advice. It’s kind of weird to think I had only met him last year because now he’s on speed dial. David recognizes I’m kind of a dude, but still a chick, so we can talk weightlifting or building a fire, but I still feel comfortable asking him dumb questions. Not only did he provide guidance through a hellish school year, but also provided levity. He shows enthusiasm when I have a random idea, but is also quick to call me out if I say or do something stupid. And most recently when I needed advice on a delicate issue, he was the one I sought out for advice.

The Wingman/Bachelor

ImageOk so the article states the Wingman helps you feel more comfortable dealing with the opposite sex, but I think of my Wingman more as someone who is always at my side for the even the most ridiculous exploits. My friend, Courtney, was there for like a good 30% of my list. We made gingerbread houses, drank expensive wine, and wore cat shirts the whole time. On the surface, she seems prim and proper, but she can pound a beer in one drink (I’ve seen it). When I’m being a wimp, she’s the risk taker, and I can always count on her to try something new no matter how stupid it sounds. On top of that, I totally respect her as a colleague so we totally talk about teaching in a super judgy way.

The Handyman


Anytime I have a cooking question, Frances is the first person I ask first. On top of cooking, she just knows how to DO STUFF. She’s the kind of person who isn’t afraid to ask questions, so I’m sure that’s how she has learned how to do so many things. Although I’m not re-tiling my bathroom or changing my oil, I totally think of Frances when the article says, “(S)He can help you with home improvement projects, (s)he can tell you how to grill the perfect steak, and (s)he can even give you tips for negotiating on that car you’re looking at buying.” Not only did she teach me how to make a mean bloody mary, she most recently taught me how to snowshoe. She’s a real man’s man.

The Fitness Buff

Image The one person I can talk endless about running or push ups with is Rachel. She just gets it. I resent that the article says that the fitness buff is probably your “least favorite friend” because how could someone who inspires you to be your best be annoying? I can’t count how many Saturday mornings I didn’t even want to get out of bed, but by lunch time she had me doing bench presses that made my head want to explode. Who wouldn’t love that?

The Work Pal


 Man, how would I have survived the last five years without Angela? We didn’t just teach in the same building, in the same grade, and in adjoining rooms, but we also carpooled and happy houred and traveled to Kansas, all for the sake of our grinding jobs. She’s the cool-headed notetaker who will end up twerking on the dance floor at the staff party. We are a power team (we joked about stapling our resumes together when looking for jobs) but she breaks up the monotony with hilarious impressions and ridiculous Youtube videos. Sadly, we may not be in the same school this year, but I envision us being principals together someday down the road.

You know what they say about people who drink a big latte…

I ran across this article today The Size Of Your Latte Has Everything to Do With Your Status at Work. It’s an interesting concept, and much akin to my mantra, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” I like the idea that I can order a bigger latte, just for the sake of drinking it, but I actually don’t know that I agree with a lot that this article claims.

The funny thing is that even before seeing this article, I’ve contemplated this topic. When I see someone with a Venti latte, I wonder why they needed something so enormous. Did they not get enough sleep? Why didn’t they get enough sleep? If they aren’t sleeping enough and need to get a fake surge of energy, they are faking their productivity. Long term, they aren’t as effective as the person who just gets enough sleep. (Yes, I make that kind of leap).

But the article also talks about bigger portions. Drink a bigger smoothie? Order a bigger pizza? Maybe this works in Texas, but for me it’s a total power turn-off.

All through college, I worked in a cubicle for General Motors. On Saturdays, we would often cram together and work together because we could chat since it was slow. This guy, Bill, sat next to me for several months. Bill spent the day eating. And I don’t mean grazing a few snacks. He would down a family-sized bag of Lay’s potato chip, eat a foot long sub sandwich, and guzzle a 32-ounce coffee…all before 11am. And yes, he was enormous in a not-so-healthy way. All day, I had to listen to him rustle chip wrappers and lick his fingers. Don’t get me wrong, Bill was a cool dude and we laughed a lot…but he also grossed me out and his very verbal aspirations of management went completely unheard because he seemed to lack personal self-control (I regularly took a Wet Wipe to his workspace when he wasn’t looking). Every Saturday really felt like this:

At the exact same time, there was the Vice President, Bob (who rarely ever spoke to me, but when he was in the building we all knew it). Bob was tan and looked like a seasoned runner. He drove a brand new Camaro, and usually carried a water bottle. I have never forgotten that when he walked through the door, people moved a little faster. I never saw him with a gianormous coffee or a slice of pizza (and I was watching).

Maybe I’ve noticed these things because I’m a woman, and constantly analyzing and judging? I might have to get a Venti latte tomorrow just to see if people notice. What do you all think?