#4 – Get my name on a Pioneer Square brick. Check. Sort of.

Last year I was hanging out with my friend, Jennie, and she mentioned that her husband had bought her a “brick” at Pioneer Square. She said they sent her a brick map and she could go hunt for her particular brick downtown. It was a random, offhand conversation, but I made note that I wanted my own brick. I don’t really have a good reason; I just want one.

Pioneer Square (for those who don’t live in Portland) is a center area downtown – a union of sorts. Sometimes they have small festivals (i.e. the Italian Festival or the Holiday Ale Fest), and sometimes it’s just full of hippies and occupiers and people waiting for the Max.


The thing is that I didn’t really do my research on getting a brick. I found the website to buy it back in January and then figured I would just do at some point. When I went to officially purchase my brick in June, I realized I had missed a May 2016 cut off. I still put in my order, and then got a letter in the mail that said my brick will be installed next summer…in 2017.

Whatever! The order is officially in.

The brick cost $100, and not only will it display my name, but I also had 18 characters (including spaces) to write something. Let me tell you, 18 characters is REALLY short. Every time I had something good, it was one or two characters too long. For instance, “Dude, where’s my brick?” and “0 to 100 real quick” were too long.

So what did I pick? Well, I’m not telling, yet. But you can probably guess where it comes from…telephone-busy.gif

Caviar part deux

Earlier this year, I spent something like $50 for one single bite of fancy caviar in Vegas – a mega splurge that didn’t give me much of a result. Whereas trying an expensive wine a year ago did teach me a thing or two about tasting wine, tasting fancy caviar only taught me that I’m a sucker. I’ve continued wondering, What am I missing? 

ANYWAY, have you ever watched 24 Hours of Gluttony? I recently discovered these dudes and was intrigued/disgusted with their Portland adventure (I mean, seriously, how do they eat so much food?!).

While watching this episode, I made a few notes, and last night we visited Kachka. In true gluttony-form, we opted to start with their “Ruskie Zakuski Experience”:
Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 8.26.36 PM

They weren’t kidding; they really did cover every inch of the table with plates of food, and wouldn’t you know it – one of the many bites was caviar:

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 8.29.54 PM


And guess what? I still don’t get it. Every single other menu item was absolutely delicious, and yet the caviar was the one thing where I was like, “Okkkkk…….” What exactly should I be noticing? It feels like salty, wet bubble tea pearls.

Regardless, the experience at Kachka was overwhelmingly good and I can’t wait to return. At my former school, the Russian families would host an enormous feast once a year on teacher appreciation week, and I’ve developed an insatiable hunger for Russian food since. Sadly, there really have been no lasting restaurants dedicated to Russian cuisine (last year I literally hosted my own Russian food day with a few friends).

Finally I have an answer!


This wasn’t even half of the Ruskie Zakuski experience.

On top of that, I was totally re-inspired to enter the table decorating competition at next year’s state fair. Think rustic Russian picnic.