Full Catastrophe Living

I only made it officially through one book in February (which is an all time low for me), but one powerful book is better than two or three crappy ones, right? It all started when my colleague was complaining about her new-age instructor for an education leadership class. Apparently his love for dream-catchers and meditation was his answer to being a great principal. The more I asked … Continue reading Full Catastrophe Living

#26 – Learn to Meditate. Check.

The other night, I mentioned something about my daily meditation and Thor corrected me and said, “It’s mindfulness; Mediation is when it’s religious.” And I was all like, “Whatever.” But seriously though, was I wrong? Have I just been practicing “mindfulness” when I thought I was “meditating” – what the heck is the difference? Thank goodness for the internet. What I discovered is that there are … Continue reading #26 – Learn to Meditate. Check.

A new item to the list – Learn to Meditate

My eyes were closed and all I heard was the waves from the beach. Thor blurted, “Are you meditating right now?” I opened one eye and replied, “Maybe…why?” “Because you never look that calm and serene,” he half sneers. When I first started getting nutrition coaching, the doctor suggested meditation. I laughed, “Yeah that’s not me.” The more I worked with her, the more I realized how … Continue reading A new item to the list – Learn to Meditate