#26 – Learn to Meditate. Check.

The other night, I mentioned something about my daily meditation and Thor corrected me and said, “It’s mindfulness; Mediation is when it’s religious.” And I was all like, “Whatever.” But seriously though, was I wrong? Have I just been practicing “mindfulness” when I thought I was “meditating” – what the heck is the difference? Thank goodness for the internet. What I discovered is that there are … Continue reading #26 – Learn to Meditate. Check.

A new item to the list – Learn to Meditate

My eyes were closed and all I heard was the waves from the beach. Thor blurted, “Are you meditating right now?” I opened one eye and replied, “Maybe…why?” “Because you never look that calm and serene,” he half sneers. When I first started getting nutrition coaching, the doctor suggested meditation. I laughed, “Yeah that’s not me.” The more I worked with her, the more I realized how … Continue reading A new item to the list – Learn to Meditate