Full Catastrophe Living

I only made it officially through one book in February (which is an all time low for me), but one powerful book is better than two or three crappy ones, right? It all started when my colleague was complaining about her new-age instructor for an education leadership class. Apparently his love for dream-catchers and meditation was his answer to being a great principal. The more I asked … Continue reading Full Catastrophe Living

8 Great Things I’ve Done with My 8 Days Off

Facebook has reminded me that one year ago today, I was on a whirlwind 36 hour trip of Barcelona; this was extra hilarious to read at 7:30am this morning, on my 10th day of being snowed in (minus the one day it melted enough to go to work last Tuesday). All this, coming off a winter break that was extended by early snow days in December, and … Continue reading 8 Great Things I’ve Done with My 8 Days Off

The 2016 List Unveiled – Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

Last night, a podcast called Radio Blackout interviewed me about my annual bucket list. It was pretty informal and we were just joking around most of the time, but when I gave them my pitch that if you achieve 20 goals a year, then you would knock out 200 goals in a decade, both of the guys paused and took a second to process that idea. As of yesterday, I’ve … Continue reading The 2016 List Unveiled – Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

Books of October

(Yes, I realize it’s mid-November…I’ve been busy). Despite the mass amount of traveling, working, and just general fun – I did manage three books for October! (the crowd cheers) Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli – Our school librarian recommended this book for one of my 6th grade novel groups so I figured I should read it if I was going to teach it (ha). It was a quick … Continue reading Books of October

Classic Movie of October

I am often tempted at the grocery counter to impulsively purchase a magazine, but ultimately I know that I probably won’t really read it; I’ll just skim through the pictures, read a paragraph here and there, and have probably learned nothing new. However, I always give myself permission when I know I’m going to be on an airplane, and to my delight I scored this one … Continue reading Classic Movie of October