#9 – Go to Bharma in Barcelona. Check.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the television series, LOST. (The only person I know who might be a bigger fan is my friend, Kylene, who named her son Sawyer. That’s right. She did that.) Beyond binge watching the show over and over, I’ve integrated pretty legit lessons into my own classroom (my former 6th graders could analyze and deconstruct literary themes in key LOST episodes as if they … Continue reading #9 – Go to Bharma in Barcelona. Check.

City Run #1: Barcelona

One of my (lofty) goals this year is to run in 12 different cities. First off, why make this goal at all? A lot of people find it hard to fit exercise into their travel (whether it’s business or pleasure) but I consider it a necessity. My restless legs neeeeeed a release after sitting on a plane, and I consider running the very best method of site … Continue reading City Run #1: Barcelona