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In 2011, I arbitrarily set out to see how much money I could save, thus my 2011 challenge was born: For every day that I purchased something, I would attempt to use a coupon or some kind of discount. I had low expectations and was astounded to discover that I saved $8031.66. Around the same time I heard a quote somewhere that said, “People typically overestimate what they can get done in a year, and underestimate what they can get done in ten years.” I began wondering what else I could do in a year, especially this one – where I’m plagued with a knee injury that required surgery.

Thus my idea for my annual blog had been born: I simply attempt a bunch of things I’ve always wanted to do. Did that just blow your mind or what?

Every year, I compile a “bucket list” of sorts that I want to complete by December 31st (aside from surviving the apocalypse). One thing I’ve learned from blogging is that I can continually surpass my expectations by keeping track while publicly posting the highs and lows of my adventure. The items range from simple curiousity that can be completed in one day, to more involved challenges that might take the whole year (i.e. being able to run again after my surgery).

My evolving list is the header of the blog, but previous year’s goals are also posted if you are curious about what I’ve done before. If you’re thinking, “Why the heck does she want to kick everyone’s ass at horseshoes?” you’ll just have to wait for further explanations.

But here’s the kicker: I CAN’T DO THIS ALONE! I will need your help. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to teach someone how to make a bitchin’ cocktail or you have also wanted to learn to snowshoe (Frances, I’m talking to you).


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