#18 – Buy tickets to Lady Gaga’s Vegas Residency. Check!

At 10:00am on Wednesday, I was an anxious, sweaty, swearing mess. Though I had put together all of the pieces to have the VERY FIRST PRESALE CODE for Lady Gaga’s upcoming Las Vegas Residency, the email had not gone through and my life was all but shambles in that moment. Visions of other fans partying to Gaga in Vegas tortured me, and by the time I had cracked the code by combing through Twitter, the tickets appeared all sold out.

I gave up, closed my laptop and cleaned the house.

Two hours later, my phone beeped, signaling my presale code had just been emailed. What’s the point? Tickets are sold out, I thought, but still logged on. Suddenly I realized a few more seats had opened up. They were overpriced and in the back, BUT WHATEVER.

Yet every time I went to checkout, my tickets disappeared and I was forced to search again. I’m positive the neighbor heard me screaming.

Somehow, somehow, after another panicked hour, I scored tickets to the January 19th show and then by some sheer miracle, I also scored tickets (FLOOR SEATS WITH EARLY ENTRY) on Halloween 2019. I DID IT.


For some people, this might not seem that amazing, especially knowing I’ve seen her perform several times before (including IN Vegas last summer) – but this is her residency. And based on Stubhub today, even the nosebleed seats are going for $700 and up.

(For the record, I did not buy extra tickets to scalp at a higher price, but INSTEAD shared my presale code on Twitter once I was done for anyone else who might be dying inside like I was.)

Now I can relax and look forward to TWO mind blowing, life altering shows, and all I have to think about it my costume.




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