#2 – Buy a Peloton Bike. Check.

When I first picked my annual bucket list, #2 was originally “Learn how to make espresso.” Each month, I was creating a little nest egg towards a fancy new espresso machine. Seemed like a solid idea.

But at the same time, I kept waffling on whether to buy a Peloton bike, having used the Peloton app regularly for a year. On Black Friday, my finger hovered over the “add to cart” button but I changed my mind at the last second. Where would I put it? Is it really worth the price? Can’t I just keep using the app and get the same workout?

As we moved into our new house and I set up my new home gym in the garage (#15 – Design and build my own gym), I knew it wouldn’t be complete until I could do Peloton workouts from the comfort of my own home.

But wait – what IS Peloton, you might be asking? Basically, it’s an indoor cycling bike where you can live stream classes anytime of day. Using only the app, you can stream the same live classes or choose from a massive library of On-Demand classes. I would prop my phone up on the handle bars of a spin bike at the gym and get a great workout. However, the instructors were constantly asking me to turn it to a specific resistance or to check out my place on the leaderboard – none of which could be done on a non-Peloton bike. It never seemed like that big of a deal, but I knew I was missing out.

Little by little, I began to care less about making espresso and more about Peloton. For six whole months I agonized, Should I buy one? Should I buy one?

So last week when I was in Chicago for work, I happened upon a Peloton showroom directly across the street from my hotel – what were the odds? Having never actually ridden one (no commercial places to ride a Peloton bike in Portland), all I needed was 60 seconds to confirm the difference. With very little persuasion from the sales guy, I slapped down my card and set up the delivery date.

I’ve now had my Peloton bike almost a week, and it’s SO MUCH BETTER. For one, I’m not propping up my phone with it’s tiny screen because the bike comes with a huge touchscreen monitor. Also, the bike is solidly built. Compared to the many other bikes I’ve ridden, it’s the difference between driving a Datsun and a Mercedes. It doesn’t shimmy and is virtually silent.



I hate to say I’m no longer a runner, but guys, I’m no longer a runner. My knee can’t take it anymore. Until Peloton, I could never find a cardio that matched the same calorie burn to running  – but now that I’ve got a leaderboard where I can compete with other riders (during the live and on-demand classes), it adds that extra oomph.

After each ride, there is an excessive amount of metrics about your performance – which I suppose would be helpful if you’re training for something but mostly I’m just logging miles towards my other goal of riding 2000 miles by the end of the year.


So how much does it all cost? That’s what you want to know, right?

The bike itself is $2000, and requires a monthly $40 subscription.

For some, I realize this is very steep. But getting a great workout (especially at home) is relatively priceless to me, and cutting corners won’t get me to the ripe old age of 107. Also, I won’t be buying an espresso machine anytime in the near future…and I’m totally satisfied with my swap.

Generally my equation is trust your gut x sleep on it = the right decision. I’m so mad at myself for not buying a Trojan helmet while in Greece, or getting tickets to see Kanye West on Halloween in Vegas a couple years ago – so splurging investing on a Peloton bike won’t be one of those regrets.

So for me, the Peloton bike is incredibly worth it, and thus I would highly recommend it. And I’m checking this one off the bucket list. It’s my blog; I can do whatever I want.

*Also, if you’re the CEO of Peloton and happen to be reading, you better kick Robin Arzon a huge commission because she’s the reason I was hooked from the first ride. Thanks, Robin!



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