My new home gym

It’s finally the moment I’ve been waiting for: time to design and build my own home gym.


Although we are not yet sleeping in our new house (soon, people, soon) we are 60% moved in and the big ticket projects are mostly completed (minus that pesky sewer line). I’ve been patient for as long as possible, and now I’m ready to get rolling on designing a own gym in our 441 square foot detached garage.

Why even do this? Isn’t the garage for cars? A lawn mower? Tools? Probably, but for years I’ve felt prisoner to gyms that had weird hours, annoying membership rates, and people hogging the equipment. I’m an only child and I don’t want to share (just kidding, please come work out with me when it’s all said and done).

Having had a membership at many different gyms (including the Nike HQ Campus) and experienced the variety of hotel gyms, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking, What am I looking for in a gym? When I work on the road, the hotel gym is one of the key elements that I look for while booking a room (a delicious breakfast is number one).

Through my research of planning a home gym, I’ve found that it’s a lot like playing The Sims. Here’s your empty space – what would you like to put there? With the countless pictures, Pinterest boards, and 3D room sketchers dedicated to this process, all those hours playing The Sims and Animal Crossing are really starting to pay off!



But seriously though, what pictures are my inspiration?


I’ve decided that Step One will be deciding on wall color and flooring. While I’m going for cost-effective, I’m of the mind that this will be my happy place, and I don’t want to just slap something down because I found it on Craigslist.

Also, based on the dreamy pictures – lighting seems a subtle but important detail. And I’ll need a good sound bluetooth speaker or sound system. Details details details.

I’ll start with the basics at the end of the month, but my goal is to really spend the summer putting it all together so that I have a solid workout space for the upcoming school year.

Oh, and did I mention my plan for the basement?


Just kidding. Thor gets the basement. But I’ve gently requested a “karaoke corner” so maybe he will indulge me someday.


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