51.5 miles down, 1948.5 to go

One of my bigger goals this year is to cycle 2000 miles, most likely all of them will be indoors on a spin bike. In fact, I don’t even own a bike.

So what is this goal all about, and what is my plan to complete it?

Though I do not own a bike, I do have the Peloton app (which I have used semi-regularly for 12 calendar months) and a membership to the Nike World Headquarters gym. Could I take spin classes in person? Of course, but the Peloton app has Robin Arzon. It only took one class to make me a diehard fan; I literally don’t even know who the other Peloton instructors are because she’s all I need.


I feel fully worked at the end of her classes, and my Apple watch proves it. No single other fitness activity that I’ve tried burns as many calories as one Peloton session. Running comes closes, but I’m tired of my workouts being weather-dependent, and hard on my knee.

As I already see a trainer twice a week, and I like to fit in other workouts in, like the Tabor Stairs, running, and strength training, I am shooting for 2000 miles in 2018 as my main source of cardio. Consistency meets variety.

3 workouts x 15 miles = 45 miles/week

For those that regularly cycle, I’m pretty sure this is child’s play. No elevation gain or terrain changes. But these aren’t REGULAR miles. These are blistering intervals with heavy resistance or fast-paced climbs that make me want to collapse into the spin bike handle bars.

And I’m already behind, with 51.5 miles logged in two weeks. Which seems a little unfair since I’ve been working out everyday, just not on the bike. I suppose I need more consistency, less variety.

After a couple months, I will evaluate my plan to see if I’m on track and make adjustments if needed. Lucky for me, the bike has been a regular fixture in my life so I don’t need to train my butt (if you don’t normally cycle, be prepared for sore loins), and with a closetful of spandex pants, I’m ready to roll.





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