My 2018 Bucket List – REVEALED

Initially I was going to sit on this list for a few more days. Why not take a break? But the list has been drafted and refined over and over for a few weeks; I need to stop screwing around and just put it out there.

This year will be the year. I can already feel it. As we just had our offer accepted on a 100-year old house, that transition will be top-of-mind, but it will also shape some big lifestyle changes that we’ve been waiting for a long time. I also know that my current position will no longer exist after this school year and I’ll be on the job hunt once again. You know me – I can’t stay in one place for long!

I’m also hoping to get back to some of the basic, foundational reasoning behind my annual bucket lists: HAVE MORE FUN, especially the cheap kind. This year was trying – a lot of fun compressed in the middle – but a real sandwich of responsibilities. I need to slow it down for some me time (don’t worry, friends, I’ll be including you in many adventures).

What made the final cut? Here it is – my 2018 Bucket List:

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 6.52.34 PM.png

You might recognize a couple of these goals from previous years (i.e. make fortune cookies and grow a mini-garden). Although they were worthy goals, I simply ran out of time or resources and I’m hoping to revisit them now.

Also, as per usual, some of my goals are totally my own doing. I must independently focus on them, while other goals will require the expertise (and willingness) of friends to help (which is always the most fun). I also did an informal “expense assessment.” To be honest, Thor and I have lived a real fun and fancy-free lifestyle for many years. We don’t have kids (nor do we plan to) and have lived in a maintenance-free condo for a decade. Oh, and I never have less than two jobs. Life is good. But as we anticipate a higher mortgage and actual home maintenance expenses, I’m reigning things in!

What about flying first class and visiting Europe…..? you might be skeptically asking. Well, before we spontaneously decided to buy a house (it really was pretty spontaneous), we booked a trip to Europe for Spring Break. And a trip to Vegas, with a suite at the Venetian, this weekend. Whoops!

Hey – would you expect anything less? So tell me world, what on my bucket list can you add insight, suggestions, or straight up judgment about? I want to hear it all.



One thought on “My 2018 Bucket List – REVEALED

  1. As usual looks awesome! I am always so impressed by your goal list! The snowshoe adventure is my favorite! Your new house looks amazing, and I’m thinking house Updates, (bathrooms you mentioned somewhere) should be on the list. Here’s to a fabulous 2018 to you and Thor!

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