Bucket List Blues

The number one thing I don’t want to do via my blog or social media is complain, whine, or drag people down. There’s enough of that deficit-thinking already and the purpose of my blog is to get out there and have fun experiences, learn new skills, and challenge myself in a weird ways.

However, this year has been really hard. Last January, I had just moved my dad into a retirement home and was killing myself to clean out and sell his house, all by myself.  I’m an only child so there are no siblings or family members to help – it’s all me. Layered on this heavy burden was my regular full-time job, a second consulting job that involved a lot of travel, and coaching a high-maintenance soccer team. It’s a damned miracle that I made it to summer break.

Without going into the mundane details, this fall the action really accelerated when it was clear my dad needed to move into assisted living, and I added teaching a class at the university. Did I mention we are in the process of buying a house? HOW AM I ALIVE RIGHT NOW?

Needless to say, my bucket list was often the last thing on my mind. And acknowledging that also acknowledges that I have been putting myself (and my fun) last, for much of the year. Not only am I not having much fun, but I’m imagining that I’m not very fun to be around. Once I do get a minute to myself, all I want to do is read Game of Thrones for the umpteenth time. I DON’T EVEN HAVE THE ENERGY TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES. Red flag! Red flag!

There are several items I know for a fact that I will not cross off my 2017 list (every year there are a few), but I’ve got a little less than two weeks to get cracking on some goals. As we are buying a house, I don’t think I’ll be hitting up a live auction anytime soon, but cranking out 100 burpees is 100% free.

It’s time to do me, at least for a couple weeks. Hopefully longer.


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