When it comes to having an annual bucket list, November is the best and worst month. On one hand, the pressure is on to start crossing off your final (and maybe most reluctant) goals, and on the other hand you can’t stop thinking about what will land on your next list.

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 3.38.06 PM

Right now, I can be assured there are some items that will certainly not get crossed off this year.

The first being “Build a fort on a beach” which I even attempted on my birthday when I drug three of my friends out to a beach house for the weekend. But once I started dragging extremely heavy, sandy, bug-infested logs across the sand, the fun began to wane. As I done done absolutely zero research on building a fort (assuming the architectural integrity would come naturally), the four logs we cobbled together began to tip and knock each other back into the sand. At this moment, I realized that it would be much more fun to throw crab pots into the bay while drinking beer.

Also, unless a crow decides to fly directly into my arms for companionship, “Befriend a crow” will mostly likely not be crossed off. Though I did a fair amount of research (and spoke with several friends who actually have befriended crows), my hectic and inconsistent schedule made identifying my new best crow-friend impossible. I walked around with a baggie full of peanuts in my pocket for half a year (literally) and never saw a crow, and then finally began seeing them in late summer with empty pockets.

Ice fishing, oh ice fishing – you’ve landed on my list two years now, with nothing to show for it. Seriously, people, where does one actually ice-fish in Oregon? I’m certain this activity will fit perfectly into my winter hygge, if only I could figure out when and where to go.

On the plus side, I only need to run in one more city before crossing off “Run in 12 different cities” and we are loosely planning a winter snowmobile trip.

My 2018 draft list is already robust, and perhaps my most ambitious. But I will put aside the anticipation of the new list so that I can finish out the last of 2017.


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