Do Not Disturb

As per usual, I’m on a quest to be less annoyed, with a soft goal of being less annoying. When I purchased an Apple Watch, the intention was to track my running mileage without a giant bulky phone on my arm (I honestly didn’t even realize I was going to be able to text from it). While my AW has proven very useful for my fitness, it has an unintended consequence.

Basically, I’ve become Fred.

I’ve noticed that there are two kind of people in meetings: the ones who really put their phones away, and the ones who have it surgically attached to their hand (sadly, I’ve been mostly the latter). It comes from a place of caring; many of the coaches I work with will send me desperate, emotionally vulnerable texts, “What do I do????” and I don’t want to leave them hanging. Also, texting is way more efficient than even email – I know I’ll get a response to my questions right away, as well.

An article in Time gave me some good statistics:

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 8.44.41 AM.png

That article was written almost three years ago, before I had an Apple Watch.

On a recent Friday night,  was receiving multiple texts from colleagues who were frustrated at work and needed to vent. AT 8:30PM, ON A FRIDAY. Dudes, I’m here for you – I really am – but I think we all need to take a step back and ask ourselves, “Is this text really necessary?” (That being said, you can text me your Game of Thrones theories or pictures of your Halloween costume any time of day).

Instead of passive aggressively complaining on my blog, I’ve come up with a solution (thanks to my amazing and always ingenuitive naturopath). I’ve turned off ALL of the notifications on my devices.

I’m talking ALL. No texts. No calls. No email alerts. No news banners. No Facebook notifications. No software updates. No Fantasy Football alerts. (Ok for the season, FFL alerts are still on). But seriously – it’s ALL off.

Are you considering this yourself? It was a SHOCK when I sat down to begin turning thing “off” of just how many ways you need to actually tell your devices to shut off. On your phone, first go to General –> Notifications and you will see all of your apps. Each one needs to be selected separately to fully turn it all of the options off. No wonder we are all insane.



What if there is an emergency call from a loved one? I’m not quite sure, but I think I’ve figured out how to select specific “Favorites” who still get patched through (although this seems hit or miss so far).

I’ve found email is actually MORE FUN to look at when there are 46 of them waiting, rather than one or two at a time. It feels very vintage – like I’ve just logged on to AOL using dial-up from my desktop computer.

Why am I telling you this (beyond the fact that you might want to give it a try)? I’m not going to be the normal “immediate responsive Lindsay” that you’re so accustomed to – but eventually you’ll get an answer (I could never leave an email hanging). Be patient, but just remember that I’m #allaboutthatdonotdisturblife



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