Steak Research

What is the criteria for an “expensive steak”?

In the tradition of some of my previous goals (“drink an expensive wine” and “taste expensive caviar”), one of my goals this year is to eat an expensive steak. Obviously “expensive” is relative, but how should I decide?

When it comes to steak, I know my stuff. Perhaps it’s that I accompanied to my dad to the butcher shop for years while he bought supplies for his business, or it’s that he taught me how to cook a steak before I learned how to scramble eggs. Single ladies: it’s not about the outfit or the perfume you wear, it’s about cooking up a fine piece of meat; men swoon.

So while I’ve tasted many delicious beef cuts in my time, I want to get to know truly gourmet steaks a little bit better.


Not too long ago, I had a $45 cut of Wagyu beef at Pono Farms. That was pretty good. I also tried a $45 Wagyu at St. Jack and was disappointed with a dry and tough piece of meat. A couple weeks later I had a $23 filet at Outback Steakhouse with my dad that blew my mind (and it came with a choice of delicious sides!). I also had a cheap, but memorable, bavette in Paris. Translation = money doesn’t always matter.

In Houston, I discovered a place that served REAL Kobe beef at about $200 for 2 ounces. I wasn’t ready to go that far (although I did check my bank balance for a hot minute). After much hemming and hawing as to where I should dine for my “expensive” steak, I realized DUH, I SHOULD COOK MY OWN! I cook a damned fine steak.

Now the challenge is how much do I spend, and what should I buy? For this, I want to hear some experts chime in (that’s you, my foodie friends). Dry-aged or wet-aged? American Wagyu?

Personally, I like my meat rare – and as this chart shows, that is THE way you should be ordering it.cook-a-steak-blue-rare-medium-welldone.jpg

I haven’t officially set a price point, but I’m willing to entertain a variety of suggestions before I decide. As I plan to enjoy my perfect steak on my birthday in September, the time draws nigh.



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