#8 – Get a tailor made suit. Check.

When you’re 5’0″ tall and built like an 80s action figure (miniature with all quads and calves) it’s really hard to find clothing that fits. Over the years, I’ve done pretty well to find an array of dresses and workout clothes that fit me (physically and aesthetically) but to find something like dress pants is literally impossible. Even a blazer is incredibly difficult – the fashion industry assumes that if you’re five feet tall, you are also a waif with concave muscles. (And my pension for push-up and arm-wrestling contests tells you that that’s not my body composition).

Skirts and dresses are great, but this last winter was BRUTAL; I found myself frequently wearing jeans or leggings simply to maintain a normal body temperature – which is not daily work-wear for me. Thus I decided that this year I would invest in a suit made special just for me.

Where does one go for a tailor-made suit? Lucky for me, I already had a fantastic contact who made Thor’s suit when we got married when he had an equally challenging problem, what with being built like a 90s action figure (insanely tall and built like a rock). Who is this magical suit-maker? It’s Adam Arnold, who also happens to be an HBHS eagle alumni for those that are in the know.


The process took a few months, with me vaguely describing something that made little sense and Adam translating that to an actual thing. He guided me in what fabric and we did several fittings. Why was this particularly useful beyond fitting a suit to my own body? He saw things that I would never see…he is an expert, after all.

We started with a Colonel Sanders chic pattern:



A couple fittings later I had my very own pants and blazer. The process was insanely easy.

Of course, I happened to be post-soccer practice and in flip flops when I picked up my suit for a final photo (such an amateur!) but you get the idea.


Sadly, I don’t have any reason to wear my new suit right away (it’s more like bikini season), but I’m pretty excited to have something professional AND WARM as the fall rolls around.

Already, I’m thinking of the other fancy things I would like to have made, and if I ever had to plead my case in court – I definitely know what I’ll be wearing.

If you’re interested in getting your own boss bitch (or boss bro) suit, you can find Adam right downtown Portland – thanks Adam!

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