How does one go about burying a time capsule?

One of my goals this year is to bury a time capsule. WHY? Let me tell you a story…

Picture it: The year was 1990, and I was in the 6th grade. A local bank was opening a new branch and held a contest: Draw the year 2010 (or something futuristic like that) and you could not only win $50 in a savings account, but your picture would be put IN A TIME CAPSULE to be opened 20 years later. I spent hours crafting my drawing, modeled much after the opening credits of The Jetsons and Back to the Future II. My picture of 2010 included flying cars and wild neon outfits – because 2010 was going to be OFF THE HOOK. Hoverboardsdudes.

Guess who won? Meeeeeeeeeeeee.

Flash forward to 1999: I’m in my first year of college and get a phone call from the bank that my account has a negative balance because I never had any account activity (apparently $10 a year in savings account fees adds up). I threw a fit that prize money was BESTOWED upon me, but also I was the HONORY TIME CAPSULE WINNER. Didn’t she know who I was?! The woman on the other end of the line waived my fees quickly and hung up, confused.

Years passed, and I always wondered what happened to my time capsule drawing. I kept expecting a call, Hello – you are cordially invited to be our VIP at the time capsule event. I even went into First Independent Bank several years ago, only to find out they sold out to a new company in 2011. No one knew anything about a time capsule. It was so disappointing.

But this isn’t just my own personal mystery. My friend, Megan, who was in my 6th grade class remembers, too. Not long ago, we were laying poolside during spring break and Megan asked, “Whatever happened to that time capsule thing..?”

Here I am, in 2017, haunted by my missing time capsule. Thus, I’ve decided to rectify this wrong and bury my own…but what goes in it? Where do I bury it? What do I bury it in? How long will I keep it buried?

I have zero answers for this questions. HOWEVER, my friend, Megan, happens to be rolling into town this weekend and I’m going to pick her brain. It seems only right that she would have something to do with the 2017 version.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing online research on time capsules and have discovered some fascinating facts:

*Did you know that George Lucas buried a time capsule somewhere on the Star Wars ranch circa 1997? As it predates any of the terrible new movies he wrote, I imagine it’s full of wonderful relics.

*Did you know that in 2088 a time capsule full of Martin Luther King Jr’s personal possessions is scheduled to be opened in the Freedom Plaza in Washington DC? Guess I will have to live until 108 years old to catch that one.

*Did you know that in Atlanta, George, Oglethorpe University buried a time capsule in 1940 that is not supposed to be opened until 8113?! It contains the original Gone With the Wind script, amongst several other southern artifacts.

So yeah – there’s some pretty cool stuff out there. The thing is that I want to be the one to open my own time capsule, and it seems that whatever I put in there should be a sign of the times (maybe I’ll throw Harry Styles’s new single in).

What would be in your time capsule? Do you have suggestions for me?



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