An important announcement…

Right now I should be writing about my epic European spring break, but unfortunately, I’m having a coming-to-Jesus moment with myself (and all of you) about something bigger going on: my health.

In October, I was hit with two head colds. I joked on Facebook that it was like being a first year teacher all over again. In November, I was down for over a week with something fluish. In December, another head cold hit me hard. January came with a scratchy throat cough kind of thing. By February, I sought out my doctor in desperation, where we upped vitamins, made sure I was getting enough sleep, and talked about stress. February was good – I finally got back into a workout routine, and felt better. In March, I was hit was a pneumonic cough thing (continuing to joke that I was Doc Holliday in Tombstone), and then I was hit was a hellacious stomach flu on our flight back from Barcelona.


Previous to this year, I’ve only been sick maybe every other year for a few days. Nothing major. Something is obviously off. I’ve already got an appointment with a specialist but thanks to my grandiose HMO, it won’t be for a month.

I’ve spent a lot of time the last two weeks ruminating on why I’ve been sick. What’s going on with my body? [Cue flashes of Terms of Endearment, Beaches, and Imitations on Life]

Through some deductive analysis, I believe I’ve come up with some correlations, or trends. Beyond taking on a new job this year & getting some pretty cool opportunities to work out of state, October was also the month that we moved my dad into a retirement home, and began a very involved process of selling his home (still not finished btdubs). To top it off, in the last few months, my cat of 18 years is suddenly on a decline and anxious trips to the vet are clear that his time left is short.

On the surface, it might not seem like I’m stressed out – even to me. But at this point I can’t ignore the signs. There’s too much going on, and my body is sending me some very clear messages.

Recently, my friend, Kerrie, said that I naturally position myself as a helper and maybe that’s where the junk was coming from. I’ve thought about that a lot. As a professional instructional coach, and amateur life coach, I realize that I’ve positioned myself to help many people. It’s fulfilling to solve problems, have the answers, and make things easier for others. But that also means that everyday my phone and email are blowing up with questions about work, requests for advice, or downright venting because I’m a safe space. Let alone taking in so much drama that comes with the day job.


Why am I telling you this? Because I need to put it out to the social-media universe. Right now, my health is my primary focus and so I’m letting you know that “Dear Lindsay” is going off-line for awhile. I still want to see cat videos and vacation pictures and workout routines, but the figurative sign on the door will be saying “out of office” for awhile.


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