Run #2 – Gearhart, Oregon

This morning, I woke up for an early run, just in time for a hail storm. I waited it out a few minutes and hit the road, hoping that a 3 mile run would be short enough to miss anymore terrible weather. Although it wasn’t raining hard, it was raining cold, and even with my layers and gloves, my fingers and face were numb. That was before I hit the beach path and was engulfed into gale force winds and waves of ice pellets.


imagine winds whipping the grass against your vulnerable body

One of my “rules” for my goal of running in 12 cities this year is that the run has to be at least 2.5 miles to count, unless something seriously unexpected occurs – but once the ice pellets were being blasted into my eyes and I felt like the wind was forcing me to crawl along at a glacial pace, I decided I had done my best and turned around.


imagine the winds blowing icy sand into your squinting eyes

I will say that once I was back on the road and away from the beach, my pace was a legit sprint back to our Airbnb. Sadly, it was a short run that did very little to offset the Dungeoness crab pizza and wine from the night before, but at least I gave it a go.


In the summer, I would like to give this run a redo because the road was safe and the beach terrain was really decent. Without the winds blowing me backwards and my shoes filling up with ice water, I think my pace could be dramatically improved, too.

The good news is that our Airbnb was perfect, with a restaurant and bakery across the street. So even though the 25 minutes of running wasn’t exactly fun, the rest of our beach escape was.


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