1,000 Burpees

Is there a single year that I haven’t blogged about burpees? I highly doubt it. They are my most favorite, albeit torturous, exercise.


A couple years back, I almost hit my goal of doing a burpee mile (I think did something like .75 and stopped to spare my ailing knee). And friends of mine know that I’ve forced them into monthly Burpee Challenges, but this year I’m taking it to a new level: I want to do 100 burpees in one set, with no stopping.

Yeah, I kind of just barfed a little bit, too.

I hold the burpee on the exercise pedestal – it’s intense; it’s whole body; it’s the thing that makes everyone go, “Make it stop!” You know me, I like a challenge.


On February 1st, I decided that I would do 50 burpees everyday for 50 days (ending with my trip to Europe for spring break). Today is February 22nd, and I’ve “eaten the frog” everyday (minus one day where I moved furniture and shampooed carpets for 10 hours). 50 burpees x 20 days = 1,000 burpees so far.

There was a time where I could crank out 30 burpees easy, and often did 100 – 200 within a workout. Sadly, I’ve fallen off the burpee wagon as of late, and now that I’m back to square one, I average 20-25 before I have to stop. I have a looooong way to go before I can master 100 without stopping.

But now that I’ve been cranking them out on the regular, 100 doesn’t sound too hard. My biggest question is whether I will still be doing burpees in my top floor AirBnB in Paris. Excusez-moi, je faisais juste mon burpees.

Do you also love burpees? Do you hate them but know they are good for you? Have you never tried but would like to? Here’s my VERY FAVORITE resource for getting those burpees into my workouts:


How many can you do…?


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