Current Reality: UGH

I haven’t posted in awhile, mostly because my life has been very un-fun as of late. My final bucket list goal of 2017 is to sell my dad’s house, which I haven’t discussed on the internet AT ALL…but here goes…

Back in October, we somewhat abruptly moved my dad into a fancy retirement home – which is incredibly convenient because it’s essentially in our backyard, but he was only 68 years old, it was a lot sooner than anticipated. In a nutshell, his memory is declining quickly, and the fact that he lived across the river in Vancouver might as well have meant he lived in another country (the traffic is beyond heinous at all times).

To be clear, I have ZERO siblings. Nada. Everything falls on me. The finances, the logistics of moving, the pharmacy runs…and of course, the selling of his home. Another thing to be clear about: we are a childless couple, living in a condo, with professional jobs and demanding hours because we like this lifestyle. Suddenly throwing my father’s house into my lap has been very challenging, to say the least. Like I said, I have zero siblings.

At first, I thought, This will take me 30 days; I’ll clean it out, find a realtor, and it will be done. That was in October. Today, there is still furniture in the house and I only just met a realtor last week. First off, THERE IS SO MUCH STUFF. Second off, THERE IS SO MUCH STUFF. I laugh when people say, “Have you thought about donating things?” Yeah, DUH. I’ve had so many people in that house taking things for free, it’s bordering on inappropriate.

Then we got a dumpster and filled that sucker full of general household junk. And I finagled a few friends to take on free furniture for themselves and anyone they know. I was really starting to find a groove and see a light at the end of the tunnel…

…until last week when the finished basement flooded…and someone broke in and stole the televisions…and now the house smells like mildew…Gimme a break! I’ve spent my weekends and evenings chipping away at each task, knowing that eventually this will not be my life. Please, please tell me this will not be my life for much longer.

You see why I haven’t blogged about this until now? I can just dump it all into one succinct post and then once the house is sold, I’ll let you know. Until then, who needs an old couch? A bookshelf perhaps? Maybe a glass patio table? or a roll top desk?

On a highnote, we are going to Europe in a month so I’ll be back to posting pictures of the torture museum in Amsterdam and French pastries…JUST YOU WAIT.


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