#6 – Get Season Tickets to the Portland Thorns. Check.

Huh – well that was easy.

Yesterday a sales rep from the Portland Thorns called me and 10 minutes later, I was an official season ticket holder of the Portland Thorns soccer team.

I could go on and on as to why I’m a huge supporter of the Portland Thorns women’s soccer team, as opposed to the Portland Timbers, the men’s soccer team. While we do have a couple of the top MLS ranked players on the Timbers, I believe the caliber of the female team far exceeds that of the men’s.

*Ahem…Tobin Heath…highly decorated in the Olympics and FIFA World Cup, and considered possibly the best player by the US Soccer Federation…ahem*


But there are so many other great players on the Portland Thorns – Christine Sinclair, Amandine Henry…the list goes on.

Ok – so the quality of the soccer will be awesome. What else?

How about the fact that female soccer players are HIDEOUSLY UNDERPAID? We are always hearing about the out-of-control salaries for men’s professional sports teams, but to see world-class internationally recognized soccer players, you would expect their salaries to be competitive, right? Here’s an excerpt from a recent article on NWSL salaries in The Oregonian:


That’s right. According to the inter web, Tobin Heath, the most skilled player, has a salary of $45,000. That’s less than I make, just sayin. And the Thorns are the league’s most successful team so how unfair can the salaries of less popular teams be? Shudder to think.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 11.42.09 AM.png

Thus being a season ticket holder is more than just being a fan of soccer (my favorite sport), it’s about supporting women’s soccer and women’s sports overall. I know a lot of people hold season tickets (or buy single tickets) to the Portland Timbers, but my argument is that the Thorns deserve way more action in terms of fan attendance and visibility.

The official season schedule is set to come out in the next couple weeks so I have to wait until April to actually see a game, but in the meantime I will be encouraging my fellow Portlandians to consider the implications of only supporting men’s soccer (and sports, in general).

Oh, and where are my seats? Down by the goal line in 122.


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