Run #1 – Santa Barbara, CA

It’s been a weird month. After being cooped up at home for almost two weeks from our the snow storm, and then trying to ignore all the negative political Facebook posts, a professional retreat at a fancy resort in Santa Barbara was exactly what I needed.

And as one of my bucket list goals this year is to run in 12 *new* cities, I’m glad this was the place to kick it off.

From the moment my plane touched down, I hit the ground running (no pun intended) with an extended dinner with my favorite colleagues, then immediately turned around and started up again first thing the next morning. Everything we learned was fantastic (my hands are actually sore from taking so many notes), but by 3:30 my brain was saturated. There’s only so much educational research one can take in at a time…am I right?

Sadly, Santa Barbara was hit with a crazy rainstorm and we were drenched just walking between sessions, so when I noticed a sliver of sunshine I snuck away, put on my running shoes and literally hit the ground running.

The Bacara Resort is pretty stellar. Perched on the hill of the coastline, there is a view of the ocean from the pool (not that I had any time for lounging) so I took the nature trail that headed to the beach. Except that it turned out to be only 1/4 of a mile.


I turned back and headed to the lobby where I was told the only place to really run was along the road…not my favorite choice, especially since most of it was in a bike lane but the traffic was light and it took me up a bluff overlooking a golf course along the ocean.



It wasn’t a fantastic run, but it was nice to get outside, process all my new learnings, and hustle back to catch the last session when everyone else was dragging.


So my first *new* city run of the year down, and eleven more to go. 

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