8 Great Things I’ve Done with My 8 Days Off

Facebook has reminded me that one year ago today, I was on a whirlwind 36 hour trip of Barcelona; this was extra hilarious to read at 7:30am this morning, on my 10th day of being snowed in (minus the one day it melted enough to go to work last Tuesday).

All this, coming off a winter break that was extended by early snow days in December, and a shortened work week back due to the New Year holiday. All in all, I’ve gotten little to no work done in almost a month and a half.

It’s one thing to have summers off as a teacher, but winters off is another story. There is no Sauvie Island tanning, or early morning running, or marshmallow bonfires. But there are so many other things to do and learn indoors! There’s this thing…it’s called the internet…it has endless amounts of information…maybe you’ve heard of it…

Tonight I would like to share what I have learned in all of my languid days, snowed in, and a little stir crazy.

  1. How to bake a lemon cake (find the recipe from Martha Stewart here)


2. I broke out my new TRX and had some killer indoor workouts (find some of them here)


3. I learned how to make a birdseed wreath (and the birds are totally digging it)

4. I crushed some spin workouts with my favorite queen, Robin Arzon, on Peloton (if you haven’t tried Peloton, check it out!)


5. I read started Robert Canessa’s new book and read a great interview about his survival of the famous plane crash in the Andes mountains. (I’m kind of an expert on this, so new material was pretty exciting). Read the interview here


6. I started my 2017 Passion Planner (don’t know what a PP is? read about it here)

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 11.31.26 PM.png

7. I rewatched the entire season of Westworld, and found my own center of the maze. You’ve got to watch this show, multiple times over.


8. I spent a lot of time reading about cults, beings that we have a lot here in Oregon. (Want to know the identifiers of a cult? Read about it here). Check out my favorite cult, The Source Family:


So I may not be in the mountains of Barcelona this week, but I’m still not squandering my time. For those who are complaining that we have yet another day off of work tomorrow – I ask, what have you done with your time off?



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