The 2017 Bucket List is Here

It is the not to distant future; I’m being interviewed by Time Magazine; the interviewer and I are wearing space helmets, and sipping futuristic vodka cocktails.

“Tell me,” the interviewer starts, “what is it like to have a bucket list every year for the last 50 years of your life?”

I sip my cocktail and stare pensively out the window of our floating space capsule. “Well…it’s a bit of an adventure every year,” I start, grasping for the right words. “Some people hike in the jungle, some people buy a sports car and get an earring, some people meditate in an Ashram – all in an attempt to find themselves. How do I find myself? The bucket list.”

The interviewer taps the barcode on their wrist and nods with feigned understanding.

Ok ok ok…back to reality.

Today I am rolling out my sixth consecutive annual bucket list, and with each year comes a new understanding of the things I think I want to learn/see/do, and the things I actually I want to learn/see/do.

For instance, for years I had wanted to be on a bowling league. I thought about it regularly, convinced that my social life was missing out by not spending one night at week at the bowling alley (hear that musical sound of the pins dropping). So the first year I started bucket listing, “Join a Bowling League” was not only one of the first items to get put on my list, but also completed. What did I learn? Being on a bowling team WAS NOT MY THING. It was way too loud, and waiting for my turn with a bunch of people was disrupting my perfect game. I checked it off, and moved on. No longer did I spend the headspace on the magical lost moments of being a bowler.

Five successful years later, rarely do the words, “I’ve always wanted to __________…” come out of my mouth because I am actively out there, in no better words, doing stuff. (Well, I’ve always wanted to have dinner with Lady Gaga and wrestle an alligator, but I’ll get there one day).

This blog is not just about having hippie-dippy-inspirational-meme-moments to be posted on Instagram. It’s about becoming a true Renaissance (wo)man; that eccentric person that always has new stories to tell; the one who can catch a fish with their bare hands and hand-stitch a quilt, all in a weekend. I’m not there now, but give me 44 more years.

And if you’ve actually read the above portion of this blog, thank you, but since most of you are impatiently scrolling for this year’s list – here it is:


There are a few on here that will be challenging, and others that will require friends’ help. Some will happen in one day, while others will require me to train or prepare over the course of time. At this point, it’s all very routine.

This week, I’ll be throwing together a loose calendar of when I will be attempting each item (since planning is key!) so I’m not yet even sure what I’ll be tackling first. However, I’ve already identified my new crow friends at work…


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