Why I Won’t Say “No”

Right now, I’m doing that thing that everyone is doing this time of year: microanalysis of all the things I did wrong in 2016 and thinking about how to get myself right. Eating better, exercising more, saving money…how many of you packed a healthy lunch from home today? Hmmmmm??? Yeah, I thought so.

When it comes to my bucket list, I have a firm rule that doing less of something has no place on my goal list. I’ve been googling “Bucket Lists” for final inspiration and so many of them say, “No sugar for 30 days,” or “Only cash for 30 days” or “No phone for a day” and on and on. Sure, I get it; these are definitely habits that can improve one’s quality of life. Frankly, I’m on that no sugar kick right now (although going without my phone sounds like torture) – no judgment on cutting out cupcakes.

However, for me a bucket list is about doing more, not less. (Even years back when this blog was about couponing, my goal was to indulge more on less money).

The idea behind my goals is that it pushes me to try, learn, or see something new; to challenge myself to something fun or nearly impossible. To say, “This year, I’m going to deprive myself of a lot of things and it’s going to be awesome” sounds ridiculous -right? You can’t break a habit without replacing it with something more worthwhile – it just doesn’t work.

Don’t believe me? Read this book.


I’m not trying to bag on anyone’s healthy lifestyle goals, I’m just saying that it’s likely that you’ll be miserable on day six because you haven’t had a cheeseburger or you’re sore from your new spin class or you already screwed up and bought pair of designer shoes. HOWEVER, you can deflect that misery if you also create for a goal that coincides with something you’re truly looking forward to.

I feel like we say no to things all day (at least I do). It’s reallyREALLY hard to have willpower when you’re constantly thinking about the things you can’t have or can’t do. Where is the fun in that? I don’t know about you, but I’m not here to say I didn’t do things in life; I’m here to do all the things.

Well, maybe not everything. I have no interest in learning the bagpipes. You get what I mean.

Today I spent some time looking at my goals from years past, and I can see a real evolution – they are getting bigger, more wordly, more weird (ok, they’ve always been weird).

So if you’re reading, I suggest that while you go easy on the chocolate, you also think about what you can do to enrich your life. It might make those heroin-like sugar withdrawal symptoms less painful.

(Also, if you’re kicking the sugar, I found this graphic that you can try. From experience, it won’t help you at all. You will still feel like you want to crawl in a hole and die at the end of the week. Stick with it – you’ll feel stronger in the end).


Tomorrow – I’ll publish my 2017 list. Probably.


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