Run #11 – Portland, Oregon

Is this run cheating? My goal this year was to run in 12 different cities, but I never stipulated it couldn’t be in my own hometown. Keeping in mind that I’ve run something like 900 miles in Portland since I started tracking with my Nike app, but all year I was thinking that a quintessential run in the quintessential running town would be my final run of the year.

But wait! This is run eleven, not 12! you might be saying. Alas, there are only a couple days left in the year and I’m 99% sure that there won’t be time to sneak in a run anywhere else. Thus my backpacker Portland run becomes my final, 11th run.

Portland is a running city. You can run pretty much anywhere, at any level, on a variety of terrains, and you will pass many other runners at the same time. While I typically run a variation of the same route most days, it’s fun to mix it up in Forest Park, downtown, or on the Nike campus.

Today, I chose the downtown waterfront park loop, which is used by runners, walkers, and cyclists, and it’s not uncommon to see jugglers, unicycles, and many other modern carnies that Portland seems to attract. Let’s be real, it’s home to a heck of a lot of homeless people, too.

We started near the Hawthorne Bridge, made our way across the new Tillikum Bridge (with walking and bike lanes), and headed back via the Steel Bridge down at the other end and circled back.


For anyone in Portland, this is a pretty standard route. These two pics also show how quickly the mornings clouds burn off.


The whole loop is well-paved and well-populated, but I never recommend that females run alone when it’s dark, too early, or too late (anywhere!). While walking around with a friend is chill, our waterfront is still littered with a rough crowd. That’s part of the Portland charm.


We made it 4.5 miles, with some stopping for David to catch Pokemon his breath and take a classic photo. With so many places to run in Portland, you have few excuses not to rack up your mileage.




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