#25 – Enter a gingerbread house at the state fair*. Check.

It’s been awhile since I’ve thought or talked about the Oregon State Fair, otherwise known as my happy place. Every year my bucket list has included some sort of competitive fair goal. This year, I wanted to take a step back from competing and instead volunteer. Hand me a push broom and point me towards the hay.

Then I got a new job, which shortened my days off by a couple weeks. And I decided to teach two summer classes at the university. Oh, and I took a bunch of middle schoolers to Greece for eleven days.

Needless to say, summer wasn’t exactly the lay-by-the-beach-everyday vacation that I normally have (though I still got my beach days in here and there). By the end of the term, I was up to my neck in grading graduate portfolios, and my new boss kept asking when I could start for the new school year. Suddenly, volunteering at the fair sounded like just another form of work. No thanks!

I said to myself, Well, this year I’m just not going to do anything for the fair, and that’s ok. But it nagged at my mind for several days, and at the last second, I decided to enter a gingerbread house. My husband, Thor, was out of the country on business so like any bored housewife, I hit the gym and whipped up a gingerbread house (it actually took something like seven straight hours of work).


I convinced a couple friends to run down to Salem with me to drop it off, and we ended the night at the casino buffet.


So did I technically volunteer? Nope! But I felt so guilty about it that I slaved away on a gingerbread house to prove my commitment, and that should mean something. In 50 years, I foresee the state fair giving out an annual ribbon, perhaps called the “Lindsay Deacon Consolation Award” to any person who enters every single year, but never seems to win anything.

I’m wordsmithing this goal at the last second and checking it off because like I’ve said many times before, IT’S MY BLOG AND I’LL DO WHAT I WANT TO. I know Thor will take issue with this ethical grey area, but I live for ethical grey areas…so yeah…

Lord knows what I’ll do in the fair next year (those I do have some unique ideas), but rest assured, it will happen.



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