#3 – Go see one new movie a month. Check. Sort of…

It’s not the most exciting goal, but what better way to top off the year than to see Rogue One in the theater this morning, the first official day of Winter Break.

I promise to not give any spoilers (especially since I did everything within my power to avoid spoilers yesterday), but my first verdict is a solid 8.4.

At this time last year, my hope for the Star Wars franchise was a sad glimmer of hope. George Lucas and those hideous films that shall not be named really ruined things for me, and pretty much anyone else who is a real Star Wars fan. If it weren’t for JJ Abrams resurrecting the franchise last year with The Force Awakens, I would have hung up my hat on anything Star Wars altogether. (Totes thumbs up for casting Adam Driver!).

Now a year later, it’s pretty exciting to foresee a great new Star Wars universe film being released every December until the end of humanity. Even better, was that Rogue One basically eradicated any technical need to see Episode One, Two and Three. This prequel is darker, but a new generation is born at the same time. It explains so many things that we’ve wondered or picked at for 30 years. Hurray!



But to the goal at hand: “See One New Movie A Month.” Checking this goal off is a bit of a grey area. Some months, I was laboriously scanning the movie listings, but I wasn’t going to waste time and money to see just any garbage movie (and 2016, you gave us so many…). A couple times, I saw two movies a month; a couple times, I saw no movies a month. It all evened out.

And sadly, I did not enjoy completing this goal at all. It felt like a burden, not an anticipation (i.e. going to a new restaurant). But hey – lesson learned – it’s done.

My favorite film of the year (next to Rogue One)? Definitely Breaking a Monster, which we noticed is on Netflix right now. (Read more about it here).


Oh wait! I do have a spoiler for you. Riz Ahmed is even more eye candy with a rebel pony tail in Rogue One than when he’s getting prison tats on HBO’s The Night Of. Who would have guessed?

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 10.08.29 AM.png


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