#5 – Go to one new restaurant a month. Check.

This goal is perhaps the dumbest goal I’ve set in my five years of bucket list blogging. Initially, I was thinking Portland has so many great restaurants – what if I picked a great new one every month? Sounds reasonable, right?

Except that I eat out ALL THE TIME. I wasn’t hitting one new restaurant a month, I was hitting four or five – good ones, bad ones, forgettable ones. And in domestic and international cities! Clearly, I underestimated my vast desire to eat food everywhere I go. It’s as if I made a goal like “Text one friend a day,” or “Go grocery shopping once a week,” when I already do these things. Lesson learned!

So it’s a bit embarrassing to check off this goal, but whatevs. Instead for this post, I’ll just tell you about a few memorable places I ate this year, and call it good.

C’est Si Bon! Bistro+Vin (Portland, OR)- It’s a tiny little place, and I’m pretty sure their delicious crepes put my pregnant friend, Jennie, into labor the next day. The service was really on top of things without being annoying, and the food was really on point, as well. I got to try several wines and eat a savory crepe. If I remember right, they have a tiny bit of outdoor seating, too, but when I say this place is small, I mean it, so make a reservation.




Hotel Neda (Neda, Greece) – It’s almost impossible to isolate the best place I ate in Greece, but I’m giving the honor to Hotel Neda in the mountains on the way to the Temple of Delphi. We had breakfast on the roof, overlooking the town and the mountains. The food was beyond good (this is just my first plate), and the staff were happy to bring out a bottle of wine for us at dinnertime. Bonus points for all the Greek yogurt fixins.


The sunrise view from my table.


Taqueria Nueve (Portland, OR) – Sure, there are a lot of hipsters, but damn they have some good tacos…and so much variety. I’m not a margarita fan, but their other cocktails were tasty, the service was decent, and it was a big place so we didn’t have to wait. But mostly the food is what would bring me back.


It would take me hours to list all the new places I ate in 2016, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some that deserve a picture and a blurb above, but I’m also not someone who yanks out their phone to take a food pic everywhere I go. (And sometimes my food pics aren’t pretty enough to publish).

As I’m drafting my 2017 list of goals, I’ll ask myself, “Is this too easy?” and make sure that when I pick a goal, it’s not so obvious.


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