About those swimming goals…

I’m sooooo going to turn into a swimmer, I was thinking to myself this time last year, and decided that putting it on my goal list would force me into overdrive. Since I work out on the Nike campus, the excuse factor is tiny. The world class pool is giant (and generally empty on the weekends), and there are dedicated 1-1 swim instructors for $25 a session. How could I not follow through?

Initially, I was waiting for the end of spring. It was too cold to have wet hair outside. Summer would be my swimming jam. But then I tweaked my knee on the last week of school (playing soccer), and then again in August (running sprints), and then again in September (coaching soccer). This has been a terrible, terrible year for someone who really enjoys being active.

Many people gave me well-intentioned (but annoying) advice that swimming would help my knee – which is true in theory. But after the long standing, chronic knee trauma that I’ve been dealing with for FIVE YEARS, I’m telling you that the kicking motion in the pool really hurts. My knee isn’t stable enough for it the extension movement.

These last couple weeks have felt pretty good. I’ve actually been out running my regular route (the true test) with no pain. But here’s what I know to be true: just when I feel good, I do something new and stupid to hurt myself again. Swimming won’t hurt you, I know you’re saying. Probably not. But why take the chance? Why not stick with the spin bike and embarrassing elliptical and careful jogs that my physical therapist recommended?

Sadly, my swimming goals have about a 1% chance of happening, and that’s ok. Yesterday, I did 140 push ups, 100 burpees, 1000 jumping jacks, 120 (very careful) squats, and a bunch of other things. Today I ran 4.5 miles. It’s not like I’m sitting around doing nothing.



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