Top 10 Good Things About My New Job

It’s no secret that in the last few years I’ve done some job hopping. First, it was hopping to escape a toxic environment. Then it was hopping onto a professional opportunity for a position I really wanted. Sadly, that environment was also toxic so I did another hop to my new position as a lead coach for the district. A friend over the summer said, “Are you never satisfied?” and I wondered if I ever would be.

I just have this philosophy of if you’re unhappy, ask to yourself, “What needs to change to make me happy?” coupled with a subtext of “Everyday you are one step closer to death.” Translation – quick screwing around and make changes now.

And I’m finally here to say,  I’M TOTALLY DIGGING MY JOB. While the rest of the world is surrounded by political disgust and unease, I’m strolling with ease because I found the perfect fit for my unique personality and skill set. Plus, working in a cubicle is actually not so bad.  Now that everyone has gotten a taste of my brand of weirdness, I feel a little more free in how I get things done.


Top 10 Good Things About My New Job

  1. Full autonomy. My new boss actually trusts me (what a novel concept) and gives me tons of personal freedom to get the job done the way I think it should be done. I’M SO PRODUCTIVE.
  2. Constant changes of scenery. Everyday I’m in multiple schools around town. I see people I used to work with and meet lots of new ones. No one day looks like the one before, but yet there is a certain rhythm.
  3. It’s challenging. I don’t mean the kind of challenging where you feel overwhelmed with no chance of catching up (which is how it can feel in the classroom); I mean the kind where everyday I learn something new and am pushed to problem-solve differently.
  4. I’m required to read A LOT. When I’m not rushing out to schools, I’m reading at my desk or even in the parking lot while I have ten minutes before a meeting. My professional reading is through the roof.
  5. I’m helping people who need it. A couple weeks ago, a coach hugged me at the end of our first meeting. What teachers forget is that coaches are helping/advising/mediating and in turn internalize all the gnarly stuff that teachers struggle with – but they often don’t have anyone helping THEM. That’s where I come in.
  6. A fabulous new teammate. We are both new together this year, and it couldn’t have been a better match. She’s hella smart and already we are finishing each other’s sentences.
  7. A bird’s eye view. At first, being at the dreaded main office felt like I was turning over to the dark side. Now I get to see just how the machine of our school district works, and when teachers gripe I actually have either a) a solution, or b) a reason.
  8. Flexible hours. Trust me, I’m working a lot of hours. But if I want to hit a Boot Camp class or coach soccer after school, I can go in early and leave early. What a novel concept.
  9. A fabulous new secretary. Seriously – he bakes cakes and announces, “The queen has arrived!” when I walk in the door. Who wouldn’t love that?
  10. A smart, strong female boss. Yes, I saved this for last. She makes things easier when I need help, asks my opinion on important issues, and backs me up. And she has just the right amount of weird for my personal taste.

So there you have it – I’m finally satisfied. Does this mean I’m going to work the same position for the next 20 years? Of course not – I can only imagine the opportunities just one year of experience this job will lend me, but for now I’m riding the wave.

Oh, and vote for Hillary. #votesforwomen



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