Paddle boarding in the Ocean Round 2

Technically, I checked this goal off in March while vacationing in Maui, but hey, when you get the opportunity to paddle board in the Mediterranean, you don’t turn it down.

It’s hard to believe that this morning I woke up in Athens, hopped on a bus with a bunch of kids, and then made multiple stops along the way where we saw an ancient Greek amphitheater, made pottery, visited King Agamemnon’s Palace and Tomb – and then spent a few hours swimming on a Grecian beach.


Let me tell you, I’m a beach connoisseur; I’ve been to some of the world’s best beaches in my lifetime. I’m not ready to say that the beach of Tholo, Greece is the best beach I’ve visited, but it’s up there. The sand is super fine, the water is super warm and calm and clear, and the view of the Greek Isles is stellar. There are chaise lounges and grass umbrellsa lining the beach, and a hut to rent paddle boats, kayaks, floaty toys, and paddle boards.


Which brings me to this post. After we had played in the water, several kids asked to rent paddle boats – and I thought what better way to supervise the kids who want to go out a bit farther than on a paddle board? For just eight euros, I was on a paddle board in the Aegean Sea. For real.


Compared to my stint in Maui, the waves were a little choppier but it was less windy and the whole area is protected so there is no break or riptide to worry about. We spent an hour paddling around and then played in the surf until dinner. Had I have ever guessed that I would not only have the opportunity to play on a Grecian beach, that might have been on my bucket list this year, let alone get the chance to paddle board. Thus I’m considering this goal double crossed off.

Curious about all the other things I’ve done in Greece? Don’t worry – I’ll have a “Best of Greece” post once our epic trip is over (see what I did there?).

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