First Day at the New Job

Today, while teachers around my district were finally getting their first day off for summer break, I went in for the first day of my new position. Granted, it was just a few hours – and it flew by, so I’m not complaining.

Last summer, when I was moving all of my boxes into my new school, a massive amount of red flags were being raised. First, no one was answering my emails about when I could actually move into my office. When someone finally replied and gave me a day, I showed up and a giant “SCHOOL CLOSED” sign was posted on the front doors. The next day, the school was open and the custodian yelled at me that I shouldn’t be there. I remember thinking, “Everything is disorganized; there’s no communication; people are stressed at the least stressful time of year…” I felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Nonetheless, it was a challenging year where I learned a lot, and made some really good new friends. The glass is half full.

Now, I’m officially working in the dreaded “district office” – the one place I said I would never, ever work. I hated those people whenever they visited my school – they seemed so out of touch with what was really happening in our classrooms. Anytime I had to get a form signed, they moved at glacial speed and seemed to have little regard for the intensity that is teacher-speed. So today I was on the alert for red flags.

While almost everyone seemed a bit frazzled, they were universally excited and happy. Immediately, we got down to business – no glacial speed there! And although I did cringe a little inside when I saw my new cubicle (ugh!), there were so many people shaking my hand and welcoming me that I couldn’t complain.

While I still can’t fully explain what my new role will be (it’s a bit of the building-the-airplane-in-the-air kind of deal), I can tell you that I’ll be involved with training the other instructional coaches, providing systemic and instructional support to building principals, and coordinating Hawaiian shirt day.

The verdict so far? No red flags. No orange flags, either. Green all the way.

So watch out folks at the BESC, you got a new cube mate in town…now I just need to find a Blake and Anders to complete the team.



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