5 Movies I Hope to See This Summer

One of my favorite Saturday morning activities is to watch a couple hours of movie trailers. I just pop on the “trailers” app from our Apple TV and make notes of the movies I want to see when they come out.

But UGH the movies out right now! They’re awful! And they’ve been awful! I have this running list of movies I want to see, but none seem to make it to Portland. Good old “indie” Portland doesn’t actually have that many options when it comes to watching movies that aren’t the proverbial Hollywood blockbusters.

Like seriously, I read comics growing up. I was excited when the first X-Men movie came out (in fact I think I saw it three or four times in the theater), and I even wanted to see Daredevil, despite Ben Affleck. But how many of these Marvel/DC universe movies can they possibly pump out? I suppose if you’re white male between the ages of 11-29 someone who enjoys comic books, things are great because these movies are for you – but good lord, enough.

This does not bode well for my bucket list of seeing one new movie a month in the theater. So here’s a list of what I’m hoping to see in the theater this summer:

BREAKING THE MONSTER: We got to see these little dudes play in Austin a couple years back and they were a trip to watch. I’ve wondered and wondered what their status is.

THE SHALLOWS: Come on, who doesn’t love Blake Lively? Stranded and being hunted by a shark? yes please.


SEOUL SEARCHING: Justin Chon as a punk rocker. Another yes please.

DON’T THINK TWICE: I’m up in the air about this one, but having listened to so many stories on The Moth by Mike Birbiglia, I’m going to give it a chance.

I’m crossing my fingers that at least a few of these come to Portland.


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