#8 – Find a new job. Check. (Ahhhh!!!)

That’s right. Today I accepted a new job. I’m just as surprised as you are.

Back in December, I had resolutely (and somewhat publicly) decided that my current position wasn’t what I had hoped for, and as Martha Stewart says, “Never accept an offer if you think it can be improved.” At the beginning of the year, I pulled out my brand new Passion Planner and set to work. Despite my complete and total misery, I mapped out a plan to find a new job, with a deadline of May 1st.

I really spent a lot of time working on this plan, which included a lot of networking with colleagues that I respect in and out of my school district. I also sat down and started collecting a mass amount of evidence of my impact in my current job, as well as ramped up my professional reading. Then I just put my head down and started plowing through, eyes on the prize, playing the long game.

At the beginning of April, I started to realize I wasn’t miserable anymore. In fact, I had some pretty fun days at work, and had made some awesome new friends and coaching soccer after school was super fun. My boss also got off my case, and in fact sometimes he even agreed with me (gasp!). I think I can do this again next year, I thought. As things go in the spring, people start asking each other, “Are you staying next year?” and I had this whole story of how YES, I WAS COMMITTED. I was even going to tell this story at a staff meeting to instill confidence for next year.

Suddenly I was approached about another position. A position I was somewhat dying to have in November, but now? How could I abandon ship? What about my commitment story? What about my soccer team?

In these times, I refer back to a book I read years ago called Who Gets Promoted, Who Doesn’t, And Why by Donald Ascher. It said that a job never comes at a perfect time, and you have to be ready to just take it. People who are always waiting for the right time and place end up staying in the same role forever.

So what is the job???? It’s got a fancy name, but basically it’s coaching the other instructional coaches in my district. I’ve been working towards this for awhile now – why wouldn’t I take it?

Technically it’s May 3rd, meaning I’m three days past my deadline, but the point is that it didn’t just fall in my lap. This is five months of strategic work that culminated into this opportunity, so yeah, I’m taking it.

I will miss my current coworkers, and my kickass office (today a student said, “I want my dorm room to look like your office,”), but they can’t get rid of me that easily. I’m pretty sure that I can still fit a cookoff and coaching a soccer team into my new schedule.

PS: Get yourself a Passion Planner – it works!



2 thoughts on “#8 – Find a new job. Check. (Ahhhh!!!)

  1. Congratulations! You’ve worked hard for this promotion and you’ll be fantastic! You’re so right that changes rarely happen at the ideal time, but it’s the right time for you. Do you get to work with Lynne Shlom?

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