Movie of April – 10 Cloverfield Lane

Well, March was crazy what with traveling to NOLA, Kansas, and Hawaii so I didn’t see a movie in the theater, but as soon as I got a free weekend I made sure to make time for 10 Cloverfield Lane.

As a big fan of Cloverfield (2008), I had been secretly following the gossip around 10 Cloverfield Lane  for a couple years. Between the name and JJ Abrahms also producing this one, I knew there had to be some kind of connection – but the real question was how much?

10cl_poster.jpgThe story kicks off right away with a young woman, Michelle, getting in a serious car accident and waking up chained to a pipe in what appears to be a basement (which sadly took my brain to Saw, Hostel, and god forbid Human Centipede). Her captor, Howard, (played by John Goodman) is anxious, short-tempered and claims to be saving her life (but from what we don’t know). cloverfield5-xlarge.jpgWe soon find out that they are living in a well-stocked fallout shelter with another young man, Emmett, who is grateful for the refuge. And that’s about the whole cast. On one hand, you’re hoping our protagonist escapes from her forced imprisonment, and on the other hand it seems possible that the world really has come to an end above ground.

John Goodman is creepy and loveable at the same time, and you know that I lovelovelove a smart and tenacious female lead.

The thing is that I don’t want to give away too much because there are so many things that keep you guessing throughout the film, and I would even venture that we may visit the Cloverfield universe in another upcoming story (please please please).

Here’s the trailer, and I totally recommend you catch this one for yourself.


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