#15 – Host a cook off. Check.

The idea started last fall. I coordinated a potluck at my school during conference nights, and realized that my new coworkers are seriously talented in the kitchen. Someone brought pulled pork and as we stood around the staff lounge eating, the comments started flying about who really made the best pulled pork. Another teacher and I locked eyes; “You know what I’m thinking?” he asked me. “Cook off,” I replied, and then we high-fived.

Clearly I liked to coordinate and/or host get togethers, specifically around a theme. There was the “Teach Lindsay How to Make a Cocktail” party, the “Birthday Survival Kit” party and my infamous “End of the School Year Casino Night” parties. A cook off seemed like the perfect social gathering because all I really had to do was tell people when and where.

Oh, and make a trophy (you can’t see from this angle, but I even made it on a hang-able shelf).


Yesterday I officially co-hosted our Pulled Pork Cook-off on our grading day (no kids at school so we would actually have time to eat, talk and digest).


Really – it was pretty easy put together. I made the flyer, my co-host did some trash talking throughout the week, and I monitored a sign-up sheet. Then 15 minutes beforehand, I commandeered the school intercom with some banjo music and a terrible southern accent instructing everyone to bring down their fixins. (That was probably my favorite part).

The cook off featured seven different types of pulled pork (even a vegan option!), amongst a ridiculous amount of side dishes. Let me tell you, these teachers like to EAT.


I had a little basket where people could drop their vote. I had to snap a pic of this left-behind napkin, with their success criteria for the winner (sorry, bad joke).

It’s even more funny when you find out who wrote it.

In the end, the winner was announced (ok, my co-host, Alan) and we all went back to our rooms in a pulled pork coma.


Next year, I’m certain we’ll do another cook off, although the category might change (I heard a lot of bravado about ribs and wings).


One thought on “#15 – Host a cook off. Check.

  1. We did a pizza cook off once. We all gathered on a Saturday. 5 different souls brought their best dough and fixins. We backed and ate and baked and ate….drank wine…ate….you get the picture. There was dessert, but we were so stuffed by the time it came around. What a fun way though to loosen up and enjoy time with your colleagues. Teachers and food=love.

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