Rock Chalk Run #5 – Lawrence, Kansas

Although the weather rarely cooperates (we’re talking oppressive heat, torrential rains, or mighty windstorms), Lawrence remains one of my favorite places to run.

As I always spend the day in an intensive workshop of some sort, my brain is exhausted but my body is intensely restless by 4:00. Inevitably, this leads into some of my fastest runs on record.

Today (and yesterday) were no exception. After having been surrounded by some of the smartest people I know, my mind was SPENT. But only having about 45 minutes between getting back to the hotel and our dinner reservations meant I had to throw on my running shoes and hit the pavement as quickly as possible…until the 30 mph winds hit me and I was essentially running in place. But that’s ok, I just wanted to get out and run.

IMG_6930.PNGFrom downtown Lawrence, I headed up (literally UP) a half mile to the University of Kansas. Beyond the fact that everything is paved nicely and being extremely safe, I already knew how to fit in a quick three mile run without having to pull out Google maps.

Today was memorable. While coming up on the left of a young girl, she hawked a giant spitwad which accidentally hit me square in the knee. Gross, dude! Still running, I turned around, threw my hands up, and gave her my “Seriously?!” face. She looked sorry and embarrassed so I kept going. Suddenly, I felt someone running next to me – one of her young friends. He waved and kept running alongside me, wherein a whole pack of kids who apparently thought it would be funny to run with me joined in. We went like that for awhile, and I led a pack of random college kids down the main drag of KU.

Sadly I won’t be able to fit another one in tomorrow, but I know I’ll be back to my happy place sooner than later.


If you ever get a chance to drop by Lawrence, squeeze in a run. The campus is full of hills and stairs and park areas. You get a view of the cool architecture, the campus art museum, and the football stadium (although you can’t run the stadium stairs – I asked the security and they turned me down). I’m always surprised how few other runners I see because in my opinion it’s a great running town.

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