Run #4 -Kapalua, HI

Every time I visit Hawaii, I live the same sort of ritual. Wake up at 5am, go for a run, have breakfast, lay on the beach, eat a sandwich, take a nap. Repeat.

What’s different about this particular trip is the location; typically we hit the Big Island, but for our ten year anniversary, we thought we’d change it up and go to Maui (first class all the way).

But wait! Where would I run?! I worried that because I was not familiar with the new area, I would end up running along a diesel-infused highway, or worse – not find a place to run at all. Really – I had a lot of anxiety about this leading up to the trip. It’s laughable now; once we arrived I looked at the map and said, “The Kapalua Trail is right around the corner…it looks okay.”

Fast forward to the LITERALLY the best running route I’ve known.


Granted, with any new running route there is a lot of stopping and starting and “Is this the right turn?” But basically you take a well paved trail along the Kapalua Resort, and wind around through the Ritz-Carlton, with beaches on one side, and golf courses on the other. Amazingly, at 7am, there was hardly anyone around.


Tired of running? How about a beach all to yourself? Just steps from the plank walkway that spans the whole beach.



I’m pretty sure this is where the 1% go for their running. Unfortunately, I’m not used to running in this humidity and I was DRENCHED in sweat while wearing my official Bitch I’m Madonna concert tank, so there was no fitting in with the 1%. (Although two flamboyant men gave me enthusiastic thumbs up on the shirt).


By the way – big shout out to another blog (right here!) where I first read about this trail. He does a way better job explaining how to find the trail and what you might see.



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