Run #3 – New Orleans

When you’re in town for business for less than 48 hours, it can be hard to exercise. Especially when you’re in New Orleans, staying on Bourbon Street, for the first time. I’ve got a Tina Turner cover band blasting outside my window, a 7am flight, and a fried food hangover. Culture shock would be an understatement.

But hey! I said I would run in twelve different cities this year, and thanks to my newest friend and colleague, Jacob, I’m 1/4 of the way there. In Carlsbad, he coordinated our morning “running club” and now in NOLA, he carved out just enough time for us to hop in an Uber and jet across town to Audubon Park for a quick run amidst all the activity.

I can’t say I really did a lot of exploring in NOLA due to time constraints, but running definitely took us to a less debauched side of town. Audubon Park is right across the street from Tulane University, with a paved two-mile loop around a golf course and duck pond. Spanish moss hung from giant trees, and the ducks were weird colors I have never seen. And opposed to my first impression of NOLA on Bourbon Street, the pavement was not covered in glitter and vomit.


Unfortunately, we were so pressed for time that all we could do was a couple miles, but the point was that we got out there and ran (while the rest of the town was drinking Hurricanes).


I can imagine this area would have been a great five or six mile loop to get a better view of the architecture and people, but I guess we’ll just have to save that for next time.IMG_6684.JPG

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