I am the Roastmaster

Just one year ago, I decided to learn to roast my own coffee. I can’t say it was a long term investment, but more of a “Let me try it a couple times,” kind of gig. Initially, I thought people who roasted their own coffee were of a particular kind of snobby. Not like outwardly “I’m too good for you,” snobby – but more along the lines of considering Starbucks as “slumming it.”

I once read that Queen Elizabeth said something along the lines of, “Sophistication is the ability to be comfortable in any situation,” and I never want to consider myself so snobby that I can’t enjoy the simple pleasures of a commoner. (If you can’t enjoy a Gingerbread latte around the holidays, you best check yourself).

However, now a year later, it’s time to update on my massive progress. My coffee roasting was primitive in the beginning, what with throwing the beans all in a pan and sticking my arm into a searing oven to stir the beans. Then I moved onto the Jiffy Pop air popper, which definitely worked, but it required a lot of effort and monitoring to get the best result.

Finally, I’ve moved to a legit home coffee roaster, and I can tell the difference in smell and taste between my different coffee roasts (as well as origin of my beans). How far I’ve come! (Brian, you should be proud!).

Beyond just the enjoyment of learning to roast my own beans, there is a definitive financial benefit. In fact, it’s still hard to process in my mind, but here goes…

In an average week, Thor and I averaged about $11.00 on coffee (typically a 12 oz bag of Stumptown). We like what we like, don’t hate.

That amounts to $44 a month, or a little more than $500 a year. ON COFFEE. (Yeah, that seemed insane to me, too, once you put it that way).

If I purchase green coffee beans in bulk, it comes out to $0.25 an ounce (or $3 for 12 ounces). That $12 a month, or about $150 a year.

Translation = by roasting my own coffee, I am saving us about $350 a year. Yes, we triple checked the math because that seemed like insanity – but it’s true.

That being said, we did invest some of those savings into a nice roaster, and a fancy milk frother. I’m officially on my way to becoming a “Roastmaster.”

The best part? It’s fun and creative. And EVERYONE loves fresh roasted coffee as a gift. Now go roast your own!



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