Dinner & a Movie of January

Let me preface this post that they don’t necessarily always have to go together, but there is a singular purpose in trying one new restaurant and seeing one new movie in a theater a month: TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND LIVE LIFE.

But you just got back from Barcelona and then San Diego! you say, and I agree. Working in a school means a career of expecting the unexpected so in my personal life, I like to play it safe. But as I told Thor last night, “I’m 35 years old, not 75 years old.” (This goal might be aimed at getting more than one of us out of the house…).

Last weekend, I did not feel like going out. I was recovering from being sick and depressed about work, but I made goals! A new restaurant I must try! A new movie I must see! I drug Thor out of the house and we lived life.

First, we ate at Gilda’s on SW 16th & Morrison.


It was a last minute decision so we were seated in the lounge, which wasn’t my first choice since a family had their toddler running around and I could see the glow of neon bar lights – but that was our own fault. The menu was Italian, primarily pastas & main dishes. Our salads were excellent (Thor ate something with grilled eggplant and mine was blue cheese based), and our pastas just as good. At a new Italian place, I always order Spaghetti & Meatballs because I figure it would be one of their signature dishes. Thor’s pasta was LOADED with lobster (definitely my pick for next time).

The room was pretty dark so my pictures didn’t turn out great, but you get the idea (see the size of those meatballs?):


After dinner, we had to get dessert. Thor considers himself a bread pudding connoisseur and reported that his was decent (although not mind blowing), and I went with spumoni ice cream and cherries.


Service was great, parking was great, and food was pretty good. I could see going back there for some comfort food in the future, but it also wasn’t the kind of experience where I was left thinking, “I can’t wait to eat here again.”

For our movie, we had no plan and went with whatever was playing soonest and nearest: Hunger Games Mockingly Part Two.


Frankly, you probably don’t want to hear my opinion about this movie (and I realize it came out awhile ago). I’m not a Hunger Games superfan but the previous movies were entertaining enough that I wanted to stick around till the end. Sadly, the finale was lackluster and formulaic. Having had such a strong female lead in the earlier movies, it was such a bummer that syrupy romance took a center stage here. What does this movie (and series) really tell girls? That yes, you can be fierce and independent, but make sure you still have a man to protect you along the way, and don’t forget to get married and have babies in the end? Because we all know what happens when fierce, independent women get too much power (cue President Coin): THEY DIE. So stay in the kitchen ladies!

I could go on and on…

That being said, I do hope young audiences pick up a broader message that politics really are a game (so literal!) and that our excesses come at the cost of others around the world.


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