#17 – Take a face rolling workshop. Check.

I remember a moment in my classroom, telling my 6th graders, “You see this wrinkle?? This one RIGHT HERE?? You did this to me!”

This morning, three of my friends (two of them also teachers who can probably attribute their wrinkles to students) joined me for an adventure in face rolling.


Not long ago I wrote about what exactly prompted my interest in face rolling (read it here) so I will just get straight to it.

We met at the studio of a Yamuna certified practitioner, Vicki, and each got our very own Face Rolling Kit.


First, Vicki gave us an introduction to why face rolling was a thing and how it would help better align the bones in our faces (for therapeutic and vanity reasons). Lying down, the bigger ball went at the base of our skull (sort of a cushion) and we used the smaller ball for the rolling. Vicky led us through a host of different rolling moves from the brow/forehead area all the way down to our jaw, neck and clavicle.

Right away, I was thinking My face is tingling, in a good way. The moves were small with firm pressure. It felt a little awkward at first, simply because it was a new feeling and a new movement, but with Vicki’s guidance it was easy to follow along.

We rolled the right half of our face first (which I think took about 40 minutes). Then we sat up and looked at each other. WE COULD ALL SEE A DIFFERENCE.  Like seriously – I could see everyone’s brows were a little lifted, their cheekbones a little fuller, and their jawlines had spread. It wasn’t lopsided or anything like that, but you could definitely see which half of the face had been “rolled.”


The unrolled side of my face suddenly felt frozen, almost like I had a shot of novocaine, compared to the rolled side that felt relaxed and fluid. We then rolled the other side of our faces, and learned a few quick tricks for crow’s feet and opening the sinuses.


The whole thing (kit and instruction) ended up being $75, and I thought it was well worth it, albeit a totally privileged 30-something-white-girl-experience. So once again, I have thwarted Botox another year.

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