About that face rolling thing…

Most active people I know are familiar with a foam roller. At this point, if you’re not doing some body rolling, you’re missing out in a lot of ways. Personally, I don’t use my foam roller as often as I should… I roll my IT bands regularly, and the rest of my body when I’m sore, but I’m still working on making it a habit.

So that’s body rolling. With me so far?

Then last summer I read an article about foot rolling; it claimed many runway models swear by foot rolling to rock those sky high heels all day. They were a little pricey but considering how many heels I wear and how many hours I stand, it was worth the risk. Enter my new Yamuna Foot Wakers.


Dudes. DUDES. These babies changed my life.

At first, I wasn’t sure about them. I followed along with the video, and Thor can attest that I was somewhat screaming in agony during the “intermediate” exercises. When he tried them out, he seemed just fine. Apparently my feet were really out of shape.

I stuck with my Yamuna Foot Wakers for the first month of school (which is always an ugly reality check after wearing flats all summer) and after a long day, they really “woke” my feet back up. In the mornings, I often woke up with super tight arches so I did a quick 5-min of Yamuna and instantly felt a difference, and today I rarely suffer that pain. As someone who has suffered from plantar fasciitis, I can say these things are legit. (Do I sound like a made-for-tv-commercial yet?).

What other amazing Yamuna products are out there? I wondered.

Enter face rolling.

Much like the rave reviews of Yamuna’s other products I found online, women are swearing this is better than Botox. Could I just buy the DVD kit like the foot kit? Sure. But it’s my face – I want to do this right.

Yamuna has a couple certified practitioners in Portland, and wouldn’t it be stellar if I could learn how to roll out my face for a forever youthful appearance? Or maybe after a tense meeting, I could kick back and roll out my face in the comfort of my office (I already keep one of my Foot Wakers under my desk).

Sounds like a plan to me.


I asked my chiropractor about this and she gave me a “Are you kidding me?” look, but based on how good my feet feel these days – I think I’ve drank the kool-aid.

Want to hear Yamuna Zake for herself?

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