2015 in Review

Usually I’m scrambling to complete my final goals in December, but this year I took things more in stride. So what if I don’t complete everything? I still learned, traveled, and accomplished a lot (like more than most people I know). Twenty goals is a nice round number, right?

Let’s get to the ones that didn’t happen first:Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 12.53.28 PM.png

Needle felting – I still think it would be cool to do this, but I didn’t have quite as much summer free time as expected, and I heard the needle is crazy sharp and that kind of scared me….

Homeland Security Class – Instead of taking a class, I taught a class. It’s a fair trade. Again, maybe some other day…

Paddleboarding in the ocean – I attempted this in Hawaii, but the ocean was far stormier than usual and the locals told me it wouldn’t be much fun. Also, paddle boarding on the Oregon Coast sounds like a death wish so I’m rolling this one over.

Trick out Thor’s Closet – Uggghghghghghhhhh…I wanted to do it; I had the best intentions; but I just couldn’t get into a real “get ‘er done” mindset. I’m not saying I’ll never do it, just not right now.

Weekend on Sauvie Island – Again, my summer free time was a little constrained, but my sister-in-law didn’t want to see me fail, so she’s committed to helping me find an AirBnb (or something like that) for 2016.

Prison Run – Double ughghgghghhhhh! This one looked so cool, and my friend, Courtney, was insanely brave and ran it herself in August (she seriously ran a 5k next to dudes with eyelid tattoos in the prison yard). Then when my knee was back up to running shape, no more races were scheduled. This one definitely gets rolled into the new year, as well.

Now onto the all the stuff that DID happen…it was a very cool year.

It started with a killer run to the top of Diamond Head in Oahu.IMG_3604.jpg

Then I howled with some wolves…

I ate caviar (and then meatballs) in a designer dress after watching Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett…photo 1.JPG

I went to Europe and watched the entire series of The Wire at the same time…IMG_4958.jpg

Then I went to Washington DC where I saw the Dead Milkmen play,

and spent the rest of the week touring with the FBI.IMG_5047.jpg

I entered the table decorating competition at the fair.IMG_5303.jpg

I rang in my 35th birthday by preparing for the end of the world.IMG_5349.JPG

I got upgraded to floor seats at the Madonna concert…

And ate some more meatballs as a Southern Belle in Vegas on Halloween.Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 1.33.10 PM.png

Taught a class in the midst of it all…IMG_5896.jpg

And finished with developing my own technique for building a snow cave.IMG_6093.JPG

Amongst many, MANY other things that I can’t even begin to list. Basically, it was a banner year. And now that I look at all of the things I did in 2015, it’s no wonder I didn’t have time to learn how to needle felt! Instead, I’ve taken two full weeks to recover on the couch over winter break.

My list for 2016 is already set, but I’ll wait a day or two before officially publicizing it. I’m rested up, and ready to start a new year.

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