My Newest & Most Ridiculous Life Goals

Two years ago today, I wrote a post about my “Nevermind” goals – somewhat outlandish life goals that would never happen, but I sure wished they would.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 9.14.15 PM.png

Well, I still haven’t shared a basket of fries with Lady Gaga, but I do know someone who could let me watch them perform autopsy…

And let’s be real – after reading The Martian, I now realize how absolutely ABSURD that “Be a colonist on Mars” goal is. I may have taught 6th grade life science many times over, but anything past that is really not in my wheelhouse.

Two years later, I’ve added more over-the-top goals that I can fantasize about. But who knows?? Maybe Martha Stewart will be really, really, REALLY bored someday and run across my blog. At first, Martha will be mildly amused by my amateur goals, and then realize that my goals could be greatly improved with her mentorship – wherein we will make the best damned gingerbread house you’ve ever seen. Hey, Martha – do you hear me calling?

But seriously – let’s get to my newest “nevermind” goals. As I draft my real list for 2016, it’s almost like I need to barf out the ridiculous ones so that I can focus…and yet, somewhere in my brain, I actually think these are attainable in some fashion.

My Newest and Most Ridiculous Life Goals

  1. Befriend a crow (First Jon Snow, then that little girl in Seattle, now it’s my turn)
  2. Have an outdoor pizza oven
  3. Catch a fish with my bare hands 
  4. Own a horse
  5. Have a street named after me (Rue de la Deacon has a nice ring, right?)
  6. Charter a yacht 
  7. Buy a ghost town (no really, I’ve done the research – it’s easier than you think)
  8. Open my own school
  9. Go on the Alive! Andes Expedition  (yes, National Geographic has an expedition to the famous plane crash site)
  10. Sit in a live audience showing of QVC’s In the Kitchen with David


So if you have any hook-ups or connections with these wild and crazy ideas, send them my way. What’s that saying? You can’t hit a home run without swinging the bat?


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